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State-of-the-art architecture that guarantees data availability and reliability.
We understand the importance of market data to DeFi. Every step in the flow is carefully designed to ensure our data are timely, accurate and tamper-proof.
Data sources
Data processing and signing
Data publishing
Data monitoring
Data Sources
Handpicked price datasources, including Binance
We ensure the stability and reliability of the index price feed by using a resilient architecture. We source price data from multiple CEXs, and aggregate prices using a weighted formula.
Data Processing and Signing
Secure data signed by distributed signatures
To ensure the data are tamper-proof, the latest index price obtained from the data sources will be signed by a distributed signing system (Threshold Signature Scheme) established within Binance. The signature is attached to the message in such a way that anyone holding the public key will be able to verify its authenticity and correctness. But no one can tamper with the message without the private key.
Data Publishing
Multi-nodes deployment for high availability
The signed price data are published to the blockchain by our multi-nodes architecture. The publish frequency is adjustable according to the price volatility, ensuring the consumer is always able to get accurate price data in a timely manner. Furthermore, the smart contract that is storing the latest price data are secure and audited.
Data Monitoring
24x7 monitoring service
Published data is constantly monitored and checked. We have an independent 24 x 7 monitoring system for fetching the prices from different data sources to compare against our published data. If significant deviation is detected, the seasoned Binance Oracle support team will step in immediately.