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Contract ownership

Why we need to pay attention to the contract ownership?

Binance Oracle provides the data through smart contracts. These smart contracts are owned by the Binance Oracle team. Knowing how to verify the ownership of our smart contracts can ensure that you are indeed getting the prices from Binance Oracle.

Binance Oracle ownership structure

Ownership Structure


ContractBNB Chain Mainnet Address
Multisig Wallet0x1Fa868fABA40598F5246133cb3Cd1aA752eA43F0
Factory Contract0xcCfb24799fEEDF1567e43EdD47cdb9130343700A

How to verify the contract ownership

To verify the contracts that you are interacting with are still owned by the Binance Oracle team, you can go to bscscan. Then search by the contract address that you want to verify. In the detail panel, click "Contract" and then "Read Contract". You shall see the owner information there.

The ownership of our smart contracts should trace back to the Binance Oracle Factory Contract, and ultimately the Multisig Wallet owned by the Binance Oracle Team.