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Feeds available

Currently, Binance Oracle offers price data only for the crypto asset class. We collect data from handpicked CEXs (Centralized Exchanges) and publish it to our on-chain oracle smart contracts through a robust pipeline.

The list shown below represents the asset pairs that Binance Oracle currently supports. Asset pairs that are mark as "Public", are available for public use. However, the pairs indicated with "By Whitelist", are only available after subscription. For whitelisting, please contact us.


Binance Oracle endeavours to ensure the accuracy and reliability of any information / data provided, but does not guarantee its accuracy and reliability. Binance Oracle accepts no liability (whether in tort or contract or otherwise) for any loss or damage arising from any inaccuracy or omission, or for any action or non-action based on or in reliance upon information / data provided. It is your sole responsibility to determine if Binance Oracle’s solutions are suitable for you.

Data feed categories

It's important to understand the differences between data feed categories, visit Data feeds categories to know more.

update threshold

Please visit deviation and heartbeat to know more about how symbols are being decided to update.

Asset PairDeviationHeartbeatAccess
BNB/USD1%1 minutePublic
BTC/USD0.1%1 minutePublic
ETH/USD0.1%1 minutePublic
DOGE/USD0.2%1 minuteBy Whitelist
CAKE/USD0.2%1 minuteBy Whitelist
LINK/USD0.2%10 minutesBy Whitelist
XRP/USD0.2%10 minutesBy Whitelist
ADA/USD0.2%10 minutesBy Whitelist
SOL/USD0.2%10 minutesBy Whitelist
AAVE/USD0.2%10 minutesBy Whitelist
LTC/USD0.3%10 minutesBy Whitelist
DOT/USD0.2%10 minutesBy Whitelist
MATIC/USD0.2%10 minutesBy Whitelist
UFT/USD1%10 minutesBy Whitelist
TRX/USD0.2%15 minutesBy Whitelist
DAI/USD0.1%15 minutesBy Whitelist
XVS/USD0.3%15 minutesBy Whitelist
BCH/USD0.3%15 minutesBy Whitelist
USDT/USD0.1%15 minutesBy Whitelist
BUSD/USD0.5%15 minutesBy Whitelist
USDC/USD0.1%15 minutesBy Whitelist
SXP/USD0.3%15 minutesBy Whitelist
GMT/USD0.5%15 minutesBy Whitelist
FIL/USD1%24 hoursBy Whitelist
C98/USD0.5%24 hoursBy Whitelist
FTM/USD0.5%24 hoursBy Whitelist
NEAR/USD0.5%24 hoursBy Whitelist
FTT/USD0.5%24 hoursBy Whitelist
AVAX/USD0.5%24 hoursBy Whitelist
MIR/USD0.5%24 hoursBy Whitelist
ATOM/USD0.5%24 hoursBy Whitelist
INJ/USD0.5%24 hoursBy Whitelist
APE/USD2%24 hoursBy Whitelist
ALGO/USD2%24 hoursBy Whitelist