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Query the price data of symbol

Header Parameters
    x-api-key string

    optional, contact us to generate the apiKey and secretKey for you

    x-api-signature string

    optional, you can still access our API without signature. However, you will be limited to a lower rate.

    x-api-timestamp string

    optional, the millisecond timestamp of when the request was created and sent(UTC+0)

Request Body
    sign boolean

    Default false.Signed data will be returned if and only if the input is true and the configuration needs to sign and sign the data when applying for apiKey

    symbols string required

    The currency pairs to be queried, separated by commas,example:BTC/USD,ETH/USD



    data object[]

    data is the unsigned raw price details data

  • Array [
  • price int64


    scale int32
    symbol string

    symbol like BTC/USD

  • ]
  • message string

    message is the data to be signed,message encode format

    pubKey string

    pubKey is the public key corresponding to the signature

    signature string

    signature is the signed data

    timestamp int64