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When it comes to generating random numbers, there are three fees that you should be aware of. The first fee is the gas fee required for the consumer to initiate a randome number request. The second fee is a service fee charged by Binance Oracle for the work of random number generation. The third fee is a gas fee required to fulfill the request. Gas fees may vary depending on the network situation. It's important to consider these fees upfront to avoid any unexpected costs in your project.

Gas fee required to initiate the request

In order to initiate the request, a transaction has to be made on the chain. Thus, a gas fee must be paid. This fee will deducted from the consumer's contract directly and is charged by the network to compensate minors/validators. Higher gas fees can result in faster transaction processing times, while lower fees may result in longer processing times or even failed transactions.

Service fee

To ensure that we can continue to provide better service, there will be a cost for generating random numbers. Each request will cost 0.0001 BNB. Consumers are able to request up to 500 random numbers per request. The table below illustrates the cost of the service per generated random number.

Random numbers per requestService fee per requestService fee per random number
10.0001 BNB0.0001 BNB
20.0001 BNB0.00005 BNB
100.0001 BNB0.00001 BNB
500.0001 BNB0.000002 BNB
1000.0001 BNB0.000001 BNB
5000.0001 BNB0.0000002 BNB

As you can see, the service fee per request is constant regardless of how many random numbers the consumer would like to derive from the randomness. Depending on the actual use cases, consumers could lower the average cost per actual random number by requesting more random numbers in one single request.


It is NOT recommended for consumers to cache the random numbers generated for future use, as doing so is not secure and can sacrifice unpredictability.

Gas fee required to fulfill the request

Gas fee is required to feed data onto the chain as well as running the verify function on the chain. Depending on the gas price, the fee can vary. Binance Oracle will only cover the gas fee required to upload the block hash data, which is needed for verification. The remaining gas fee as well as the aforementioned service fee will be deducted from consumers' subscription account once the random number request is fulfilled.